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The Biodiesel sector in Brazil emerged in 2005, with the creation of the National Program for the Production and Use of Biodiesel (PNPB), which established targets for the use of Biodiesel in the national energy matrix.

Initially, with the start of the project, biodiesel accounted for only 2% of the Diesel composition. Over the years this participation has increased and today biodiesel already represents 10% of the fuel sold in the country.

Binatural was one of the pioneers in the production of Biodiesel in the State of Goiás. Investing in new technologies, processes and in its workmanship, which resulted in a certified quality product, the company has registered a consistent growth, following the evolution of the sector.

This growth is supported by the pillars of socio-environmental responsibility, developing actions to protect the environment, and social sustainability, increasing its participation in the National Program for Strengthening Family Agriculture (PRONAF) in several Brazilian states.


foto 2006
Binatural was founded with the construction of a 30 thousand liters/day capacity plant. The mixture of Biodiesel and Diesel is still voluntary in Brazil, up to 2% proportion.


foto 2008
First sale of Biodiesel of the company, participating in the auctions L-6 and L-7. Biodiesel mixture becomes mandatory 2% in the commercial Diesel. A new plant is build, with a capacity for 120 thousand liters/day, which starts to sell regularly in December 2008.


foto 2009
The mandatory proportion is raised to 4%. The plant capacity is expanded again and reaches 300 thousand liters/day. Since then, Binatural successfully participates in all Biodiesel auctions promoted in the country.


foto 2010
New expansion of the plant, which increases the capacity to 450 thousand liters/day. The mandatory proportion is now 5%. Binatural sells 67,000 m³ of Biodiesel and establishes itself as an important consumer of alternative raw materials - being today one of the main consumers of these in the center-west of Brazil.


foto 2014
The proportion rises to 7%.


foto 2015
Binatural already sells about 86 thousand m³ of Biodiesel and starts to export co-products.


foto 2017
With 80% growth in the last four years, the company celebrates ten years of production as a stablished player in the domestic market. Annual production is 124 thousand m³.


foto 2018
The Biodiesel mandatory mixture rises to 10%. Sales increases in 140M liters.


foto 2019
New increase of the mixture confirmed from 10% to 11%. And the sales jump to 154M, becoming the record number so far!


foto 2020
The mandatory mixture rises to 12%. And The Project AXÉ starts, located in Simões Filho/BA. Also, the first carbon credit trade, called CBIO, from Government's Renovabio Program is made.


foto 2021
The Binatural Bahia plant starts running.