We Are Biodiesel Specialists

Recognized by the Financial Times as one of the 500 companies that have contributed the most to the economic and social development of our country, we are in a period of rapid expansion, and our efforts and expertise are helping to redefine the future of sustainable biofuel.



25 thousand

Apoio técnico e financeiro para mais de 25 mil famílias de agricultores que produzem matéria-prima para o biodiesel.

600 million

A production capacity of 600 million liters of biodiesel annually and operation with the most efficient environmental control processes, free from the generation of industrial effluents.

20 mil

O Our product responds to a high degree of quality, with an average of 20,000 physical-chemical tests per month. qualidade, com uma média de 20 mil ensaios físicoquímicos por mês.