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Biodiesel arrived in Brazil in 2005, after the creation of the National Program for the Production and Use of Biodiesel (PNPB), which established goals for the product's entry into the national energy matrix.

At that time, biodiesel represented only 2% of the composition of diesel. Over the years, with the recognition of the importance of biodiesel, this share has increased and, in 2021, represents 10% of the fuel sold in the country. A number that can and should be increased in the coming years.

On this journey, our commitment to quality has made us experts in what we do and everything has expanded even further.

did we
get here?

One year after the product entered Brazil, we created the first Binatural factory. In 2006, our company became the pioneer in the production of biodiesel in the state of Goiás.

Binatural's innovative actions were solidified through investment in new technologies, creation of processes, specialization of the workforce, agility and credibility in our relationships. Therefore, our product has certified quality and the company registers a consistent growth, which follows the evolution of the sector.

In addition, one of Binatural's pillars is socio-environmental responsibility. We put this into practice through environmental protection and social sustainability actions, such as participation in the National Program for the Strengthening of Family Agriculture (PRONAF) in several Brazilian states.

As an expressive result of the bold spirit, positive energy and transparency in relationships, Binatural achieves in 2021 the recognition of the Financial Times as one of the 500 companies that most contributed to economic and social development in the country.

Discover our trajectory

Binatural is born
Binatural is born, with the construction of a factory with a production capacity of 30 thousand liters/day.
Sale of biodiesel
The company's first sale of biodiesel, participating in the L 6 and 7 auctions. It becomes mandatory to mix 2% of biodiesel in commercial diesel. A new factory is developed, now with a capacity of 120 thousand liters/day.
Mandatory proportion
The mandatory proportion of biodiesel is raised to 4%. The factory is expanded again and reaches a capacity of 300 thousand liters/day. Since then, Binatural has successfully participated in all biodiesel auctions held in the country.
New factory expansion
New expansion of the factory, which allows to increase the capacity to 450 thousand liters/day. The mandatory proportion becomes 5%. Binatural sells 67,000 m³ of biodiesel and establishes itself as an important consumer of alternative raw materials – and is currently one of the main consumers of these materials in the center-west of Brazil.
The proportion of biodiesel in diesel rises to 7%.
About Binatural
Binatural reaches the production mark of 86 thousand m³ of biodiesel and starts exports of other special products, such as dregs, fatty acid and glycerin.
With growth of 80% in 4 years, Binatural celebrates 10 years of production and consolidates itself in the market. The volume produced is 124 thousand m³.
The mandatory mix
The mandatory blending of biodiesel into diesel increases to 10%. Binatural sales reach 140 million liters.
New increase
Further increase in mandatory blending to 11%. Binatural sets an operating record and sells 154 million liters.
Increase in mandatory blending to 12%. Binatural starts the Axé Project, in Simões Filho, Bahia, and makes its first sale of Renovabio’s Decarbonization Credits (CBios).
Start of activities
Beginning of activities at Binatural Bahia. Financial Times recognizes Binatural as one of the 500 companies that most contributed to economic and social development in the country.
Aumento da capacidade produtiva
A capacidade produtiva das unidades industriais chega a 600 milhões de litros de biodiesel por ano. Somos a única empresa do setor de biodiesel que mais cresceu no último ano nas Américas, segundo o ranking da Financial Times. Este reconhecimento chega até nós, pelo 2º ano consecutivo, sendo que desta vez, avançamos 150 posições no ranking.